Online bookstore for Librairie Avicenne

  • Setup an online shop for Librairie Avicenne;
  • Setup a PayPal business account for Librairie Avicenne;
  • Customize the e-commerce platform for the bookstore’s operations;
  • Setup a facebook page for the bookstore to share data between the website and FB;
  • Maintenance and support.

The online shop we build provides the following essential features:

  • Digital catalog with a variety of categories and products attributes;
  • Support for different payments methods: credit cards, cheques and Cash On Delivery (COD);
  • Support for different shipment methods: Postal parcels, expedite parcels and pickup;
  • Orders management and invoicing;
  • Promotions, discounts and vouchers management;
  • Inventory and suppliers management;
  • Customers support system;
  • Statistics and reporting.

Check the online bookstore at the following link: