Consulting Services

Our consulting services aim to work with our clients to adopt the most appropriate IT solutions that fit with their business needs.

We use a structured, multi-phases approach that streamline the journey from business requirements to IT solutions:

Phase 1: Business requirements gathering and analysis through workshops and interviews;

Phase 2: Potential solutions assessment and review through prototyping and total cost estimation;

Phase 3: Detailed solution definition and deployment planning;

Phase 4: Solution implementation, testing and transfer into steady state.

Projects Management

We provide services that cover all aspects of projects management:

  • Scope definition;
  • Budget estimation;
  • Activities and resources planning;
  • Risks and change management;
  • Project delivery and control;
  • External suppliers management;
  • Transition to operations.

Managed Services

The managed services intend to relieve our clients of the management tasks related to day-to-day IT solutions operations. We take care of the IT services being provided while our clients focus on their core business. We do IT for you !

Managed Services cover tasks such as:

  • End users support;
  • Software updates;
  • Data backup and restore;
  • Security monitoring;
  • Performance and capacity monitoring.

The manged services take also advantage of the cloud technologies to provide IT solutions in a SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. The client pays a recurring fee to use the service while we take care of service setup and maintenance.

All solutions we propose, once implemented, can either be managed by the client’s technical team or used as Managed Services.

Training Services

We provide training services to ensure end users will take full advantage of the implemented IT solutions capabilities.

Training services can be tailored to each client’s needs and users profiles.

We offer practical training sessions to bring the users up to speed with the implemented solution. Continuous training can be achieved through eLearning, knowledge bases, wikis and support communities that will make part of the solution.

We also offer train-the-trainer and train-the-admin type of training sessions when the client decides to take on the service management tasks.